Why Do I Cry When I’m Mad?

Have you ever been extremely angry and located yourself in tears? whereas thusme folks shout and scream once they’re angry, some people cry when they’re mad. counting on the circumstances, this expertise are often confusing, embarrassing, and frustrating, so you may surprise why it happens.

Emotional Reactions to Anger

Anger will elicit a bunch of emotions, starting from aggression and negativity to disappointment and depression. Below, Romanoff explains a number of the emotional reactions folks expertise in response to anger.



This can embrace visible aggression or action, equivalent to breaking things or punching walls. Alternatively, individuals specific their anger indirectly through sarcasm—this permits them to dispel their aggressive impulses in an exceedingly change way.

Depression and Anxiety

we have a tendency to are instructed at a young age that anger is corrosive and threatens attachments and relationships. Therefore, we attend nice lengths to shield others from our anger, by exchange it with less externally threatening emotions, like depression and anxiety. The consequence is that we should bear the burden of those internally distressing emotions.



People additionally tend to become important once they’re angry. rather than constructively addressing the problem, they pick in others within the pursuit of retaliation.

 Crying When You’re Mad

Romanoff lists a number of the advantages and disadvantages of crying once you’re mad.


Benefits of Crying When You’re Mad

Crying isn’t a symptom of weakness; rather it’s an indicator that the case is vital to you and you’ve got sturdy feelings toward it. it’s invariably useful to use your emotions as a guide.


Tears assist you perceive additional regarding yourself and therefore the impact the situation has on you. typically individuals expertise their tears as taking off of the blue.


this may indicate that they need very little awareness or insight into the intensity of their emotional reactions. Tears can act as a compass, directive you to areas that need deeper examination and processing.

Disadvantages of Crying When You’re Mad

For instance, you will assume that they’ll understand you negatively, assume you’re being manipulative, conclude that you just cannot manage the situation, or lose respect for you.


 These disadvantages pertain to crying within the context of others and may be separated from you having the ability to specific your emotions at intervals a non-public and safe space.


you ought to attempt to embrace and welcome your emotions after you feel safe to try and do so, as a result of they’re valid and hold the key to special info concerning however you are reacting to things around you.

Coping With Tears When You’re Mad

Romanoff shares some ways which will assist you agitate your tears and your anger in a very healthy manner.


Take Deep Breaths

Anger causes psychological and physiological changes in your body, comparable to magnified heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline.3 These changes will speed up your reactions and scale back your ability to create rational decisions.

Communicate Your Feelings

Part of the rationale anger is sustained is as a result of a boundary was desecrated and you felt unseen or mistreated. Anger may be a massive reaction that’s arduous to ignore.


 Therefore, it’s necessary to method and communicate however you’re feeling. This doesn’t mean you must have an angry outburst, however rather vent to a lover or family member, or write out your frustrations in an exceedingly journal.


Release Your Emotions

There is also times once you get mad however don’t wish to cry round the people you’re with. For instance, this might embrace not desperate to cry ahead of a giant cluster or in front of individuals who won’t comprehend your situation.

In these situations, you must solely quickly suppress your tears if doing thus protects you from adverse situational contexts which may cause stigmatisation or misunderstandings.

If you would like to, tell the person you’re therewith you’d prefer to pause, amendment the subject, or not talk about this immediately however would love to come at all over again once you are more capable of addressing it. this offers the opposite person support that you just’re not being avoidant and conjointly gives you house to manage yourself.

you’ll be able to also try and separate the thoughts that are triggering your tears. plan to yourself that you can come back these emotions later so return to the task at hand.

If you’re unable to manage your emotions, you mostly have the chance to leave. typically it’s higher to get rid of yourself from the situation, take time to compose yourself, and so make a case for your response once you have additional self-control.

Release Your Emotions

When you feel safe—either with others you trust, or on your own—you ought to embrace your tears as a type of catharsis. Crying is Associate in Nursing innate tool for emotional regulation, and shouldn’t be resisted in moments once you ought to be regulated. it’s a intrinsical mechanism to method and manage intense feelings.

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