The 10 main strategies of mass manipulation

mass manipulation

For several years, a decalogue has been circulating on the Internet inspired by the texts of Noam Chomsky, the famous American intellectual, which concerns the so-called “mass manipulation” and its strategies implemented by the media and politicians.

Let’s take these 10 principles that can be useful to be able to get through the news and election promises.


In order to govern people, one of the maximum effective guns is distraction. Shifting your interest to much less vital or insignificant information in reality lets in you to divert your hobby from tons greater critical problems that, on this case, by skiping into the background.

2.Problem and solution

Showing a certain theme as a problem allows you to create a solution that is often unpopular and has already been decided a priori. An example? To aggravate a public service in order to be able to propose its privatization.

3. Gradualness

In some cases, to manipulate the masses, it is necessary to do this gradually. In the case of the elimination of some fundamental rights, for example, it is better to eliminate them in small doses so as not to provoke protests from citizens.

4. Differ

In this case, a sure reform comes in, making sure that withinside the brief term, even though bad for citizens, it’ll be high quality for all. This way, human beings are much less in all likelihood to protest, expecting the blessings. When it seems that those blessings had been wrong, it’ll already be too late, and those may have were given into the dependancy of changing.

5. Infantilize the public

In commercials and political speeches, people often tend to talk to listeners as if they were children. In this way, the critical sense of people who are more likely to accept the message is eliminated.

6. Using emotions

Messages that try to manipulate the mass do not invite reflection, but, on the contrary, are based on emotions. In this way, more than rationality, we focus on the unconscious of the recipients who will be able to perceive the general message but not all the details, thus neutralizing the critical aspect.

7. Keeping the public ignorant

An ignorant public is the first-rate best friend of mass manipulation. For this reason, the deterioration of the training machine is a totally effective weapon for controlling citizens.

8. A willing audience

The media is used to showing how superficial, ignorant and vulgar fashions and trends are. In this way, citizens are pushed to get used to mediocrity.

9. Strengthening the feeling of guilt

This mass manipulation strategy tends to make people believe that all their problems come from themselves. So instead of rebelling against the system, citizens will think that they are directly responsible for what is happening.

10. Know the human being

The system has a vast knowledge of the human being, thanks to the progress made and, therefore, manages to have greater control over citizens.

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