How Nature Therapy Helps Your Mental Health

We all have to experience once in our life the effect of nature on our mind and body! watch the sea or stay in a park or a forest and listen to the birds singing and the wind caressing your face! all this has a considerable impact on your brain it acts directly on the stress and reduces it instantly! and from the was born nature therapy

We will see in the following title what is nature therapy and what are its benefits!

What is natural therapy?

We are in the 21st century, the century of the internet and social networks according to several studies we spend most of our time behind a screen either TV, phone or your computer! that it is the last time or you are going to enjoy nature? in a forest in the sea or any other place on our beautiful planet!

Well this is the one that nature therapy intervenes have previously seen the undeniable effect of nature on the body and mind! This is the principle of this therapy, replace the activities of the day such as social networks games and other Netflix series by walks in parks, camping in the forest or the mountain full of activities that will allow you to reconnect with nature and feel psychologically well!

The varieties of this therapy

Green and blue therapy, this is the second name of nature therapy! it has several methods that have proven their worth! After several tests and studies and many researches on our part here are for you the best method to practice this therapy.

1-      Therapy through agriculture

It is true! The human being since the dawn of time has been able to survive thanks to agriculture! So if you returned to your sources and reconnected to the earth in the purest of ways!

What does this method consist of? is well as the name suggests it is agriculture that go by planting a flower and take care of it, to grow a vegetable garden or a field! However, in both cases it has the same effect on your brain it relaxes you, and reduces stress.

2-      Therapy with a pet

It simply consists of adopting a cat a dog or any animal of your choice and taking care of it! This will contact you back to nature via animals.

3-      Go to the adventure

Do activities that stimulate your adrenaline like climbing! Skydiving, paragliding of course with an expert in the field and not alone because you can leave your life there.

4-      Forest therapy

The forest such a pure place that you would clean up physically and psychologically! This exercise consists of hiking campsites, picnics

The benefits and advantages of this therapy

The first advantage of this therapy which is undeniable is one of the rare where you treat yourself we take pleasure that is to say that at no time do you feel in a doctor’s office.

Among the other benefits of this therapy the increase in happiness! According to the people who have practiced this method they all have one thing in common they are all happier than before!

Is that says increase in happiness says decrease in stress and anxiety! Yes one cannot be happy and worried at the same time! It’s psychologically impossible!

The icing on the cake is the increase in your brain abilities yes! You have heard that thanks to this therapy your brain increases its abilities such as concentration, memory and the way in which your face your problems

I hope you enjoyed reading this article which is extremely rich in information! and I wish you a good recovery! the path and paved with obstacles but I’m sure you will get there.

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