Habits that destroy our health without you even knowing it

3 Habits that destroy our health

We all have habits that make us who we are, how we eat the way we stand up, how we walk, how we sit, how we have all our little habits.

But the question to ask is whether these habits are good or bad for your health

So I invite you to know if what you do is good or bad for you! by creating for you this article that summarizes the harmful habits that the majority of people do ,if you recognize yourself in one of it ,then it’s time to take control of yourself!

Lets start

Habits that destroy our health

– cross your legs

80% of people sit with their legs crossed, but why? because it is extremely comfortable whether in the office in the park or in a waiting room everyone sits with their legs crossed! but although it is a very comfortable posture but if badly executed can be very dangerous for your health

This seems completely crazy to you, doesn’t it? as crazy as it may be, it’s true !

Sitting with your legs crossed can increase your blood pressure because when you cross your legs you compress your veins and create a spike in blood pressure.

According to the Journal of Clinical Nursing study crossing your legs increases your blood pressure

also according to the Journal of Hypertension study Crossed legs at the knees creates high blood pressure.

* Varicose veins

in fact there is not only an increase in blood pressure, but also Varicose veins, crossing the legs for a long time can lead you to have Varicose veins

It is as if there are vain that would like to go out of your skin, many people suffer from it and the thing to know is that the fact of crossing the legs increases considerably this little hestetic phenomenon which can also bring to pain in legs

The best solution for Varicose Veins is to change your posture or if you have any that bother you,

 you can consult a specialist doctor for this.

* Posture

One of the effects that most people don’t know is that this posture when sitting causes back pain and also pelvic pain

why? because this posture puts a strain on the muscles and forces them to provide more effort to maintain the posture which results in fatigue of these muscles and pain in the back and all the muscles involved

But why is it that ? all we do is cross our legs ?

Crossing your legs compresses the veins and causes high blood pressure and varicose veins and not only! According to this study, staying more than 3 hours with your legs crossed can even change your posture and curve your back.

Now that you know that sitting with your legs crossed is bad, how do you sit properly?

  • You have to change the cross leg every 5 minutes.
  •  You have to Always have one foot on the ground.
  • Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes! every 30 minutes you should go for a short walk of 15 seconds or so, at least you should move around a bit.

– Wearing counterfeit sunglasses

It is necessary to tell the truth, we prefer to buy cheap sunglasses instead of spending a fortune for real sunglasses and considering the price of real sunglasses it is normal to find alternatives.

First of all the function of the sunglasses is to protect against the UV rays of the sun, because it is the rays that damage your eyes, and as you may have guessed, these cheap glasses do not protect you from them

It can also reduce your vision because often the lenses used are not of good quality which can lead to sequels in the future

It can also reduce your vision because often the lenses used are not of good quality which can lead to sequels in the future.

One of the most frequent problems is the fact that they are not of good quality which means that they break easily, because they have resistance of level 0 , so you should buy more than one per year unlike the original sunglasses that can last up to 10-20 years easily.

Habits that destroy our health without you even knowing it

– sleeping on your stomach

Just 7% of people sleep on their stomachs personally I’m one of them but as comfortable as this position may be it carries a lot of danger

sleeping in this position blocks your diaphragm from moving freely which causes back pain, and also puts great pressure on all your vital organs, which causes nerve problems and also heart problems, and this position is also banned if you suffer from  sleep apnea.

* I hope this will help! you so remember

  • Do not cross your legs or change the direction of crossing your legs frequently
  • Do not buy cheap sunglasses because they do not protect you and they do not last 
  • Don’t sleep on your stomach every night because after a while it will affect your feeling

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