5 methods to getting help with anger management

anger management

Let us start this by giving the definition of anger!

Anger is a human emotion that happens when someone or something upsets us! Anger is a completely natural feeling that allows us to feel alive!

Now seeing what happens in the body when one is angry.

First of all the acceleration of the heartbeat the increase in blood pressure! The secretion of testosterone adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Now that we have, a view of what is happening in the body let us see it from the psychological side or rather from the side of reframing psychology!

Anger is a psychological response to an injustice and aggression or a betrayal it often express by violence hysterical phases that can often lead to physical or verbal fights.

Moreover, it is in these moments when said or done things that often we regret after the anger is gone! In addition, I know it is true for you because why will search you channeled your anger and mastered it!

There are for you 5 methods to getting help with anger management with this anger management therapy

1.    Breathe

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I understand that reading BREATHING can make you angrier! But think about it! What more can you do? You are neither in a position to think or make a decision; we do not say anger makes you blind for nothing! As debilitating as this reflection of breathing can be, it is the first thing to do because breathing allows you to regain a minimum control of your body! Just enough to save you from committing the irreparable! That is what reframing psychology is teaching us

2.    Count

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Now that you have regained control of your body it is time to amplify the control and start thinking but before thinking you just have to count to slowly in your mind , but how can counting to 10 help me?  when you count gently in your head it slows down your heart rate and also slows down at the same time your breathing which calms you down and greatly decreases your anger! This technique is from best therapy for anger management

3.    Visualize peace

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After breathing and having count the next steps and visualization! how do we do this would you tell me? well it’s really very simple you just have to close your eyes and imagine a thing that will relax you for example the mother, a forest a heavenly place or a person who makes you happy or happy! now let’s see what happens in your brain when you do this exercise: for the brain it is impossible to be calm and angry at the same time! so when you thought about something pleasant your brain secretes endorphin and dopamine the two hormones responsible for good mood! which allows you to completely and instantly destroy your anger.

4.    Change the environment

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Now that you are perfectly calm get up and leave the place where you got angry! Go for a walk walk go outside for a walk and give the person with whom you quarreled time to calm down! This will allow you to definitively end your dispute!

5.    Keep a journal of your anger

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It is this technique that will let you know whether you will improve or not! You are going to buy a notebook or you are going to write these 3 things every time 

  • with whom you quarreled
  • se who made you angry
  • how you reacted

If you become aware of the reasons and your reactions every time you get angry it will allow you to know where you screwed up and how to avoid the same situation nex

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